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Custom printing eCommerce

If your business is looking for a unique way to stand out in the printing industry, we have just what you need. With our new Branded Website option, not only will customers be able to peruse and order from any device with ease, but they’ll also get their own account that functions as an extension of yours! This revolutionary feature simplifies every step of the ordering process while instantly giving them access to all.

Some Benefits of the System

This is an easy way to use an efficient system processing routine jobs for you, without lifting a finger.
You will have listed all the products that your customers keep on ordering and for which they continuously ask to change one small item. This system takes care of it all for you. All products requiring a regular minor update like: business cards, brochures, notepads, etc. No more worries! Sonix has come to your rescue with the answers.

Our electronic designer called the “Designer”, makes designing quick and simple. Business cards known as a powerful tool used personally and commercially, can be created in minutes with the assistance of our “Online Design Center”. Your customers can choose from several templates already created, type in their personal information and the online proof is updated instantly before their eyes! They can add photos, logos, and other important images, without your assistance.
The “Online Design Center” is available for most of our products, such as other efficient marketing tools like cardboard flyers, post cards and pocket folders. These products are continuously utilized in advertising process of commercial businesses and for personal purposes.

The business card information can be updated and its layout modified for the cardboard flyers, post cards, pocket folders and other available products listed below. Products available through the “Designer”:

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How does it work?

How do I get started?

You would need to contact us with your information and sign a contract and noncompetition agreement. Once this procedure has been completed, your site will be set up on your behalf. Once this site has been set up and you log into your Sonix Os account, you will be able to view a link to your site. You will be able to retrieve and set up different components of your site. You are on your way to paradise where everything you have been working so hard for, will now be on autopilot!