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About Us

Who Is Sonix

Sonix provides a full range of marketing services, software design, project management, e-commerce, website design and hosting services. We supply small, medium and large corporations with high quality services, competitive pricing, exceptional service and solid delays.

The success of Sonix is due to a high volume strategy that provides for a considerable reduction in production costs. At Sonix, we are driven by the need to continuously develop better and more efficient ways to operate within the media industry. Our goal is to surpass industry standards in regards to quality, reliability, efficiency and the capacity to render the needs of the general market place through
our innovative marketing strategies and our talented sales associates.

Sonix can provide integrated media
services, management services and e-business solutions to enhance operational efficiency and augment the profitability of any company.


How long have we been in business for?

Sonix opened its doors for business in 2001.
A key element in our growth rests with our talented and dedicated staff of professionals.

At Sonix, we strive to provide our customers the
best prices for an exceptional quality and services. We are delighted to hear about the satisfaction of our customers and they rank first in our priorities. From the very start of the order, until the time you receive your final product, we do everything we can to make the overall process easier for you. It is reflected in our turnaround time, high quality, speedy services and low prices:
everything is centered towards you and your business requirements.